KHT30A Four Gimbal Camera

KHT30A is integrated 270X mixed zoom , 640×512 thermal imager 9.1mm focal length, 640×512 thermal imager 35mm focal length, 1800m laser ranging high precision professional 3 -axis stabilized pod, this pod camera adopts compact design, with high stability, high integration and low power consumption。

Purchased Product

FOUR Main Features

270X mixed zoom

1/2.8 inch 2 megapixel wide dynamic CMDS SENSOR,30x Optical Zoom.

90X mixed zoom

CMOS SENSOR pixels: 2 mega pixels,10X Opticalzoom,9x digital zoom.

640-ER,9.1mm length

640*512 Thermal imaging,9.1mm length,FOV:45.8°x37.3°.

640-ER,19mm length

640*512 Thermal imaging,19mm length,FOV:22.9°x18.4°.

640-ER,35mm length

640*512 Thermal imaging,35mm length,FOV:12.52°x10.03°.

laser ranging

1800m LF,905nm safety laser,Accuracy within 400m <+1m, outside 400m, +0.4%.

KIT10A 10x visible light+640x512 ER+1800m LR

KIT10A an integrated thick beam laser module,90x mixed zoom camera,640x512 IR thermal imaging module,1800m laser ranging finder with high-precision professional three-axis stabilization pod four-light integrated system.

Main Products Promoted


270X mixed zoom ,1080P, 640×512 thermal imager,19mm length,1800m laser ranging,TF card,synchronous recording,10 pseudo-color modes respectively,IP/serial port/SBUS control.


KIT10C is a 4-light ,3-axis stabilized Gimbal camera integrated 1080P prime lens, 10x optical zoom camera, 13mm focal length 640×512 thermal imaging, 1800m range laser.It could use IP network output, IP control, PTZ adopts encoder FOC control scheme.