KHDA609L12 Four-Sensor Gimbal Camera

KHDA609L12 is a four-sensor integrated system integrating fixed focus 4K 8MP EO camera, fixed focus 1080P 2MP EO camera, 9.1mm lens 640×512 IR camera (uncooled vanadium oxide detector), up to 1200m laser rangefinder, and a high-precision encoder FOC control scheme 3-axis stabilization gimbal.

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MINI Series Features

4K Visible Light

8 Mega pixels CMOS SENSOR,9x Digital Zoom,25mm lens,FOV:10.5°x7.8°.

1080P Visible Light

2 Mega pixels CMOS SENSOR,9x Digital Zoom,6mm lens, FOV: 60°x 43°.

4 million pixels Visible Light

Fixed focus visible light,9x digital zoom,4 million pixels,FOV: 92°x 59°.

640*512 Thermal Imaging

Pix Spacing:12um,Wavelength:8~14um,9.1mm Lens:FOV: 48.7°X38.6°.

256*192 Thermal Imaging

Space between:12um,Wavelength coverage:8~14um,7mm, Angle: 24°x 18°.

laser ranging

1100 meter and 1200 meter laser ranging,Laser wave:905nm(class 1 laser).

KHP290G609L11 1080P Day light +640 Thermal+1100m LRF

KHP290G609L11 is a high-precision professional 3-axis stabilizing gimbal, which integrated a fixed focus day light camera, a 640x512 infrared thermal camera, and a 1100m laser rangefinder. This thermal imaging lens has a focal length of 9.1mm.

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The characteristics of high stability, small size, light weight, and low power consumption; Visible light cameras use high-definition sensors with effective pixels of 8 million,The system supports 4K and 1080P network RTSP stream output. Network, serial port, S.BUS, and can all control cameras and PTZ, supporting local TF storage.

KHP290G609 Lite

KHP290G609 Lite is a fixed focus dual light drone gimbal integrated 1080P visible light camera, 640 × 512 thermal imaging module, and high-precision professional 3-axis stabilized PTZ. It adopts network IP and HDMI dual output.