4K Dual visible light gimbal

KHP415S90 is a dual visible light 3 axis stabilized small gimbal that integrates 2 visible light cameras, with one channel of 8 mega pixels, and the other channel of 2 mega pixels with IRCUT function.

Product Features

4K +1080P visible light camera
Day and Night switch
3-axis stabilizing PTZ
Network, UART, and SBUS contorl

Product composition

This device consists of three parts: a 4K visible light movement, a 1080P visible light movement, and a stabilized pan tilt. The system integrates optical zoom, video photography, stabilized pan tilt, and control.

Other Scenarios

Product quotation



4K+1080P visible light

1200m Laser rangefinder

640*512 Thermal Camera

Light weight gimbal, 240g



4K +1080P visible light

HDMI and IP dual ouput

9x digital zoom

HDMI and IP dual ouput



1080P visible light

640*512 Thermal Camera

3-axis stabilizer

Light weight gimbal, 120g

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